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Frostbite Refrigeration has been relied on in the fridge trailer, fridge van and cold room hire business since 1997. We’ve proven our competence and dedication to clients with a range of cold storage needs, including restaurants, outdoor festivals, private weddings out in fields, on-site production crew, and even Hilton Hotels.

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On average, Frostbite Refrigeration delivers fridge trailers to emergency situations within a prompt two hours. Our fridge trailers are clean, quiet, simple to operate, and large enough to accommodate even our biggest clients’ stocks in a single unit. If your own cold storage unit suffers a breakdown, our mobile fridge trailers are a perfect cooling or freezing solution.

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Frostbite Refrigeration has been trusted to store the valuable stock of prestigious clients, even when exposed to public areas for long periods of time. We’ve retro-fitted and reinforced our fridge trailers and fridge vans with locks and braces, ensuring your food and drinks remain secure.

Who We Are

Frostbite Refrigeration is a reliable provider of onsite refrigeration for long-term cold storage, emergency breakdown cover and event hire. We’ve serviced a broad range of renowned clients requiring cold storage units, including:​

  • McDonalds
  • KFC
  • Subway
  • The Hilton and other hotels
  • The NHS local authorities
  • Major supermarkets
  • The military
  • Car shows such as CarFest
  • Local restaurants
  • Air shows
  • Major High Street retailers

Our Expertise

Frostbite Refrigeration has been in operation since 1997. We’ve catered to private clients hosting weddings, charity events, fairs, Christmas parties, markets, birthdays and more.

We’ve also capably supplied big corporate clients and major events, including local Olympics trials, Tour de France, world championship boxing, and Manchester and Manchester United football clubs.

​We’re also the dedicated team behind the reliable cold storage solutions at festivals such as Parklife and Kendal Calling, as well as large concerts in esteemed locations such as the MEN Arena and Manchester Central.

Our Approach

We seek to make our storage options the convenient solution, by ensuring you don’t have to lift a finger. Our team shows up on time, sets up and installs your fridge trailer, and then collects it again at the end of your event, leaving the premises neat and tidy.

​We’re completely insured, so there’s no risk involved. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, reliable partner to celebrating wedding guests or festival revellers trying to survive the summer heat, as well as corporate clients seeking to preserve their edible goods. Our cold storage is ideal for long-term storage solutions, short-term solutions for excess supply or emergency call-outs during breakdowns.

Our Units Are Available For Both Private & Business Hire

Private Hire

Private Events

Don’t stress about keeping drinks cool or food fresh. We cater to birthdays, weddings, exhibitions, charity events, schools, luncheons, team building, business conferences, and more.

Business Hire


Frostbite Refrigeration provides cold storage options to hotels, restaurants, sports stadiums, major supermarkets, hospitals, the military and several other organisations in Manchester and throughout the UK.

Festival Hire

Festivals and Concerts

Get temporary cold storage fridge trailers or fridge vans for festivals and concerts in Manchester and throughout the UK. If your event takes place out in a field or the great outdoors, you can additionally rent a generator.

Corporate Hire

Food Chains

We’re proud to supply reliable fridge trailer, fridge van and cold room solutions to a host of renowned food chain industries, enabling them to provide fresh and safe meals to the public at large.

Emergency Hire


Frostbite Refrigeration delivers onsite freezer breakdown replacements, scheduled maintenance, store re-fits, freezer upgrades, relocation services, additional storage for major events, and replacements following vandalism.

Research Hire

Research Storage

Our portable fridge trailers are not restricted to food storage. The storage units are practical for a range of scientific, medical and geological endeavours, including temperature controlled drug storage, product testing and extermination.

Business Hire

Small to large businesses, from Manchester to throughout the UK, have relied on Frostbite Refrigeration to keep their stocks cool or frozen. We cater to:

  • Corporate events

  • Major events

  • Sports trials

  • Sports clubs

  • Tournaments

  • Cycling events

  • Festivals

  • Concerts

  • TV production companies

Private Hire

Enjoy peace of mind for your refreshments and food with our high-quality fridge trailers. We cater to various private arrangements, including:

  • Weddings

  • Charity events

  • Fundraisers

  • Fairs

  • Christmas parties

  • Markets

  • Birthdays

  • Parties


High-quality doesn’t need to equate high prices. We offer fair, competitive rates for fridge trailer hire, fridge van hire and other cold storage hire that you can rely on.

Fridge Trailer on Hire For NHS

Day Rate

Hire a fridge trailer on any day between Monday and Friday.

*Our Trailer Hire is on a 28 day period*
Freezer Trailer on Hire for BUPA

Weekend Rate

Hire a fridge trailer from Friday through to Monday. Perfect for festivals or markets that extend over the weekend.
Cold Room Hired for Burger King

Week Day Rate

Get a reliable fridge trailer unit for a total of 5 week days. Rate applies Monday - Friday.
Cold Room Rented for Local Pub

Monthly Rate Call

Long-term, monthly cold storage solutions are readily available. Call us for more information and so that we can arrange a reasonable rate.
Fridge Van on Hire

Fridge Van Daily Hire

Fridge Van rental on flexible terms. All our Fridge vans have 240v over night standby allowing the fridge unit to continue to be used with the engine off.

Weekly rate for 7 days: £60 per day

Monthly rate 28 days:
£50 per day


Choosing a site for our fridge trailers is generally straightforward. To be certain, we can advise you on the ideal site and temperature settings for your fridge trailer’s designated purpose. Our fridge trailers function in an array of settings, including fields, underground car parks and loading bays, road sides, gravel, confined spaces, and fenced-in areas.

If your organic materials or frozen goods need to be mobile, moved or delivered anywhere in the UK, utilise our fridge van hire service. Our fridge vans are smooth drives and operate within temperature ranges of 0 to plus 8 degrees, making them ideal to facilitate restaurant stocks, transport edibles to and from festivals and parties, and more.

Frostbite Refrigeration is based in Manchester, but extends fridge trailer hire, fridge van hire and other cold storage solutions to areas throughout the UK. Our range encompasses but is not limited to:

  • YORK

"We always use Frostbite for any large event - the prices are competitive, the trailers are in great condition and are always delivered with a smile!"

Brooke Parker - On-site ...

"During a recent total re-fit of our cold room Frostbite Refrigeration were able to provide a range of outdoor cold rooms and freezers so we could continue catering for all our patrons. Service is always excellent and they always turn up promptly and leave site tidy too."

TV Catering Services

"Frostbite Refrigeration has been a pivotal player in our businesses operation for many years. Without the help they provide we would certainly been in a very difficult situation."

BK Technical

"We do many festivals around the UK and we always use Frostbite Refrigeration. Andrew and the team are dedicated to providing a great service. The cold rooms (fridge trailers) are impressive with lots of space and work brilliantly. The units always arrive clean and tidy and ready for immediate use.."

Hello Catering

"The guys at Frostbite are always keen to ensure they provide a great service, our freezer went down and we had a replacement freezer room on site in less than an hour! Superb is all I can say."

Julie Banks Catering

"It was a bank holiday when our pub suffered a freezer breakdown, we didn’t think we could get any emergency freezer cover but the guys where on site in less than two hours. We were so grateful to them for their help. First class thank you."

Ron & Pam Mellor

"We’ve used Frostbite Refrigeration for years, they are always easy to get along with the equipment is brilliant, in-fact it’s better and bigger than our built in cold room. We get a great deal and speedy delivery. Can’t recommend them enough!"

Dave Chiswick



0161 367 8700
07717 373 822


473 Barton Road
M32 9TA


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5:30pm
Extra costs will be applied for after hours.

A fridge van from Frostbite Refrigeration is simple to hire simple to operate and the vehicles are great to drive too. All fridge vans operate within temperature ranges of 0 to plus 8 degrees.

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