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Fridge Trailer Hire Specialists in Manchester since 1997

Frostbite Refrigeration are leaders of long-term and short-term cold storage solutions in Manchester and throughout the UK. Over the course of several successful years, we’re proud to have expanded our service range to incorporate a wide variety of equipment, and to accommodate a diverse range of clients. We make sure you can provide ice-cold refreshment to your party guests or customers even in the heart of summer, with reliable cold storage hire from Frostbite Refrigeration.

Our Expertise

Frostbite Refrigeration has been in operation since 1997. We’ve catered to private clients hosting weddings, charity events, fairs, Christmas parties, markets, birthdays and more. We’ve also capably supplied big corporate clients and major events, including local Olympics trials, Tour de France, world championship boxing, and Manchester and Manchester United football clubs. We’re also the dedicated team behind the reliable cold storage solutions at festivals such as Parklife and Kendal Calling, as well as large concerts in esteemed locations such as the MEN Arena and Manchester Central.

Our Approach

We seek to make our storage options the convenient solution, by ensuring you don’t have to lift a finger. Our team shows up on time, sets up and installs your fridge trailer, and then collects it again at the end of your event, leaving the premises neat and tidy. We’re completely insured, so there’s no risk involved. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, reliable partner to celebrating wedding guests or festival revellers trying to survive the summer heat, as well as corporate clients seeking to preserve their edible goods. Our cold storage is ideal for long-term storage solutions, short-term solutions for excess supply or emergency call-outs during breakdowns.

The benefits of renting Frostbite Refrigeration units include:


We’ve built ourselves on customer reputation. Your experience is important to us, and we go out of our way to accommodate your particular cold storage and freezer storage needs. Frostbite Refrigeration has grown large enough to cater to prestigious clientele, but has stayed true to its origins and remained a customer-friendly, approachable service provider who gladly caters to smaller, personal events such as weddings, birthdays, charity events and fundraisers. When you call Frostbite Refrigeration, you’re immediately put in touch with decision-makers who can assist you with your fridge trailer hire needs quickly and conveniently.


Our fridge trailers each offer internal storage space of approximately 12 cubic metres, which means a single unit typically covers the day-to-day stock needs of even our largest restaurant and hotel clients. By comparison, competitor fridge trailers tend to require two units. Our fridge trailers are larger than standard fridge trailers to allow for greater storage, but are still not as cumbersomely large as refrigerated containers.


We arrive exactly when you booked us. In an emergency call-out, Frostbite Refrigeration is on site to deliver a replacement cold storage unit within 2 hours. Our team handles the delivery and complete setup of the fridge trailers so that you don’t have to lift a finger. We supply the necessary power leads, and all our units come as a simple and convenient plug-in unit to the domestic mains at 240v. Our team will collect the fridge trailer on the event’s closure and leave your premises neat and orderly. For your convenience, we operate outside standard working hours, 7 days a week.


We offer a diverse range of cold storage and freezer storage options. This includes fridge trailer hire, mobile freezer hire, cold room hire, as well as fridge van hire for when you need to transport goods within Manchester or anywhere throughout the UK. The cold storage unit on our refrigerator van can also be detached to serve as a static cold room. Our units range in temperature from +8 to -35, can be plugged in and walked away from, contain an integral fly screen, have integral lighting and come with or without shelving. All our equipment is fully PAT tested for your peace of mind. For further assurance, Frostbite Refrigeration carries public liability insurance.

For efficient fridge trailer hire, cold room hire or fridge van hire from friendly service providers, get in touch with Frostbite Refrigeration using the contact form below. Alternatively, call us on 0161 367 8700 or 07717 373 822, or email us at info@frost-bite.com.



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Extra costs will be applied for after hours.

A fridge van from Frostbite Refrigeration is simple to hire simple to operate and the vehicles are great to drive too. All fridge vans operate within temperature ranges of 0 to plus 8 degrees.

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